Trencadis Course

Trencadis is also a type of mosaic, however unlike Roman mosaics, Trencadis primarily uses small pieces of ceramics, glass and marble. Unlike traditional mosaics, the mallet is not used to cut the tiles, instead glass cutters are used to help shape the randomly broken pieces. Trencadis is a technique with almost limitless potential, and was used by Gaudì to decorate the the façades of his buildings.

It is also possible to create small objects or table (for indoors or outdoors) and various types of materials can be used such as old broken pates, bathroom tiles, recycled glass, even marble and stones. The only limit is your fantasy and creativity, and Trencadis can be applied to all manner of everyday objects and walls, including those in your kitchen, bathrooms or garden.

The course lasts two days and lessons are delivered in the morning and afternoons.

No previous experience is necessary and courses can be delivered on an individual or group basis.

Food and lodgings at the villa are free of charge.

  • Teaching hours

    9 am – 1pm and 2:30pm – 5:30pm.

    The studio is also open outside these hours for students to continue to work and gain experience.

  • Who is this course aimed at?

    Beginners wishing to learn a quick and immediate technique.

  • individual 250,00

    Groups 180,00 per person

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