If you want an authentic mosaic for your bathroom, rather than an industrially produced covering, you need to turn to artisan capable of making true mosaics. By using an experienced artisan you can have the colour, design and measurements you want, or get expert advice and an original design to meet your personal tastes. That way, you can be certain that your bathroom will be unique.

Walls and floors – AFMosaici can create mosaics for any surface: walls, floors, bath surrounds, shower floors. By listening to your desires we can create unique works of art, paying careful attention to detail and lay the finished work and advise you on cleaning and maintaining the mosaics so that they last a lifetime.

Our website gallery shows a range of projects we have completed for walls, bath surrounds, and floors in the cosmatesco style. Each mosaic is unique.

If you require information on costs or how long it will take to realise your project, please feel free to write to us, including a photo and some approximate measurements.  We are happy to come out to you to see the location of the work (at no extra charge in Italy).

  • Shower and Bath Mosaic
  • Bath Front
  • vasca idromassaggio in mosaico | afmosaici.com
    Old jacuzzi covered with mosaic marble tiles
  • Cosmatesco Floor

Wall and Floor Mosaics

In a world where tastes are increasingly homogenised and restricted by big interior design chain-stores, artists and artisans have an important role to provide a voice for those people who want to distinguish themselves, or want to have a truly personal touch to their home which cannot be copied. With AFMosici you can turn to us with your idea and we will  be more than happy to give you a quote.

If you don’t yet have a clear idea, we would be delighted to help you. We will visit your home and inspect the area, and come up with a unique deign, falling back on many years of experience and a flare for creativity. We can offer ideas that range from traditional antique style mosaics, through to modern, contemporary or abstract designs.  We are skilled in many different techniques including cosmatesco and graniglia.

From design to creation, we pay close attention to detail and you can have confidence in our professionalism.

  • Mosaic Cladding: Reproduction of the famous mosaic of Santa Costanza
  • Marble floor with mosaic insert
  • Balcone - Mosaic
  • Ramage
  • Pavimenti in graniglia, battuto veneziano
    Realizziamo pavimento in graniglia con la tecnica del battuto veneziano, realizzando anche decori in mosaico

Reproductions: Paintings and Antique Roman Mosaics

The mosaic technique has been used for centuries to reproduce works of art, indeed few people realise that the pictures hanging on the wall of the Basilica of San Pietro in Rome are not in  fact paintings, but mosaics made with very small tiles, a technique often referred to as micromosaics.

A large number of famous painters created works on paper that were destined to become mosaics: Klimt, Caravaggio, and Van Gogh to name but a few, and the mosaic artists were the ones to cement these reproductions.

From religious designs through to contemporary and modern art, any piece can be commissioned.

  • Florentine Mosaic
  • Copy of Kitten Mosaic (Pompeii)
  • Hundertwasser-Mosaic Reproduction
  • Reproduction Donna con Ermellino
  • Mosaic Reproduction of Van Gogh
  • "You didn't get me" - mosaic art
    "I want you" traslationed in mosaic, like a ripped poster


AF Mosaici offers a complete and comprehensive range of restorative services for mosaics: cleaning, reconstruction, removing and repositioning Venetian and Palladiana floor and Lapiedi floors.

  • Corporations
  • Pincio restoration - fountains, bust and marble seats
  • Restoration marble floor of Villa Torlonia in Rome
    Restoration marble floor , recostruction of missing part, stabilization


Our experience, knowledge of materials and techniques enables us to create mosaics table tops for both indoor and outdoor tables. We can produce table tops in tarsia with ancient and modern marbles, artisan terracotta or uniting two materials such as wood and marble.

In the photographs you can see some examples of tables created for commissions as well as tables for sale.  These tables are great for terraces, patios, dining rooms, and bedrooms. They can be made in any shape: square, round, rectangular. We also specialise in recycling pallets and turning them into stylish coffee tables.

One of the advantages of turning to an artisan rather than a shop is that with an artisan you can get exactly what you want, rather than what is in stock. You have control of the shape, size, colour, material and design, with an expert to guide you and advise you each step of the way, so the table becomes a centre piece in your home.

  • Pallet Coffee Table
  • Terrace Mosaic Table
  • Pallet Table
  • Round Cosmatesco Table
  • Cosmatesco Table with reproduction of San Marco a Venezia
  • Table in Mosaic
  • Cosmatesco Table - reproduction of Monreale detail
  • Table / Pallet Table
  • Cosmatesco Table in Antique Marble


Mosaics can be applied to the field of design.

The ancient practice of mosaic making has always been rejuvenated over the course of the time and original forms have been reinterpreted for contemporary art, urban spaces, architectural concepts and of course for domestic settings.

Mosaics can be used either as pieces of art in themselves, or incorporated in to larger modern interior or exterior design projects.  As pieces of art, mosaics can capture personal aesthetics, and they can even be applied to every-day objects, such as lamps and wine-racks lending them an aesthetic dignity.

  • Wine Rack
  • Mosaic Curtain- Crossing Corto
  • Wine rack and mosaic
    Wine rack. Iron structure and mosaic, for 3 or 6 bottles
  • Mosaic curtain
    Tenda in mosaico realizzata su tessuto pesante con tessere di marmo