Indirect tecnique on clay
      There are two main mosaic techniques: the direct and the indirect technique. The direct technique refers to inlaying the mosaic tiles directly in to its support.. After preparing the cement, the mosaic tiles are placed into the design one at a time. This technique requires the presence of the mosaic artist on site from the beginning to the end of the mosaic's preparation, and is used on rare occasions.   There are two approaches to...
    The Cosmatesque
      The term Cosmatesque refers to a generic Roman ornamentation style, typical of the period. It was often used to decorate ciboria and cloisters. The term Cosmatesque is derived from the name of one of the most important Roman families of marble workers, the Cosmati. There are countless examples of Cosmatesque floors from which we continue to draw inspiration to create new floors and table-tops.
  • mometno della posa del mosaico
    October mosaic course
    A one-week course to learn and create your mosaic, from 7th to 14th
  • tavolo in mosaico con fondo in tessere nere del Belgio e decoro rosso e giallo |
    Hand-craft mosaics
    AFMosaics specialises in blending the old with the new. Our skill comes from combining traditional techniques and specialist know-how with new techniques and materials, enabling us to hand-craft stunning mosaics in ancient, timeless styles as well as mosaics that appeal to more contemporary tastes. The studio works on a commission bases, collaborating closely with architects, designers, artists and private clients to create unique mosaics for interior and exterior settings. We ensure every detail is taken...