Hand-craft mosaics

AFMosaics specialises in blending the old with the new. Our skill comes from combining traditional techniques and specialist know-how with new techniques and materials, enabling us to hand-craft stunning mosaics in ancient, timeless styles as well as mosaics that appeal to more contemporary tastes.
The studio works on a commission bases, collaborating closely with architects, designers, artists and private clients to create unique mosaics for interior and exterior settings. We ensure every detail is taken care of during each phase of the mosaic’s creation, from design to installation.

Just as a master tailor or seamstress designs and sews a suit to fit the individual, so our works of art are unique and are made to your requirements. Unlike industrial or semi-industrial mosaics, the materials and design are heavily influenced by our client’s tastes, personality and needs and unlike industrial mosaics they can not simply be reproduced or copied.
We begin the project by identifying the best designs, colours and motifs and then begin adapting them to the environment that will host the mosaic.

Each marble tile is cut by hand using an anvil and mallet. By using natural variations within the stone’s colours we are able to add shades and tonality to the overall design, adjusting the size of the tiles to bring life to the mosaic. Only a skilled mosaic artist is able to chose the most appropriate marble in terms of its colour and durability. Unlike the semi-industrial process that uses ready-made, machine-cut tiles, hand-cutting and hand-selecting results in a mosaic that has life, character and depth and of course a mosaic that is completely unique, whereas machine cut tiles result in mosaics that are somewhat lifeless, pixellated and synthetic.

The amount of time and skills required to correctly select and hand-cut the millions of marble tiles that go to make each unique mosaic means that our mosaics are a premium hand-made product. The knowledge and traditions of this craft have accumulated over the years and have been passed down by generations of craftsmen (and women). One only need look to museums and archaeological sites spanning Greek, Roman and Byzantine civilisations to know that mosaics do not last a mere hundred of years, but they leave their commissioner’s legacy and give pleasure for thousands of years to come.